Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

Surfing Bahia Feliz

Heute mal wieder nach langer Zeit mit Point-7 gefahren, einem AC-2 in 7.2qm und einem Starboard Kode Wood 102.


  1. The fenster is gold? Can you see something on the other side of the sail?



  2. Hi Eric,

    no problem, it's like a clear foil. But the gold foil absorbes the uv-ray from the sun, the black foil of course too.

    That tells Point-7:

    The black film is completely blocking the damaging UV-rays from the sun. With normal transparent monofilm the sun shines through the material thus cooking it until it will break up. With the black metalized anti-UV film the sun rays are completely blocked and this will keep the material new with time. In 2008 we introduced this material on all our sails, using as much as possible in our designs, leaving only enough space free for a transparent window to look through, securing the better part of the sail from the sun. After having used and proven the durability of our black material in 2008, we realized that even when the main part of the sail kept new, the transparent monofilm window was still proving to be a fragile zone of the sail. A problem that needed solving; however eliminating the window was not an option. So from closely working together with our American supplier, we developed a new window material; a transparent tinted film with UV inhibitors.

    We had several colours to choose from, but we decided to use a colour that gives the best colour definition when looking thru. After initial testing we decided that the clear orange tint film was the way forward: Laboratory tests showed after 250 hours in the UV machine that the new film was much less affected by the UV than traditional monofilm used earlier. All 2009 black sails all benefits from this development, as a result guaranteeing more durable sails for the future.