Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

Weymouth Speedweek 2009

Unfortunately, only one day a little bit wind. Photocredit by Dave White,
Board: Lorch Glider WL 120, Sail Point-7 AC-2 8.3.

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

Training by Lightwinds...

Another lightwind day here in Weymouth, board is a Lorch Thunderbird 85, sail a Point-7 AC-1 9.0.

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Warm-Up Weymouth Speedweek

Hi all,
today light and gusty winds, short warm-up for friday's beginning legendary Weymouth Speedweek...
The wind forecast isn't really hopefully, we will see...
Board: Lorch Glider 120,
Sail: Point-7 AC-2 7.2,
Boom: Maui Sails Carbon Racing
Fin: 38cm Bocanegra Fins
Cheers from Portland Harbour, UK...